Simple Ways To Build Your English Vocabulary

When you're learning English as a second language, acquiring as many new vocabulary words is an important part of the learning process. You can learn more English words easily by taking part in a number of exercises and activities that increase your vocabulary and also encourage you to use the new words in sentences and when communicating different expressions. Here are some simple tips for learning more English words easily:

1. Create word lists. You can make a lists of words based on a specific category or theme such as 'school' or 'food'. Add on to the lists at least 20 new words daily. You can find new words to study from looking at any English reading material. Look up the meaning of the word in the dictionary and try to make sentences to practice the new words that you have learned.

2. Use pictures as a learning aid. Adding visuals to your study of English words can help tremendously in increasing your vocabulary as each word will be associated with a picture. You can get pictures by cutting some out from magazines or newspapers and placing the word or phrase that describes it underneath. This activity will help you memorize and know when to use these new words.

3. Buy or create flashcards. You can buy or make your own vocabulary cards of common and not so common English words. Flashcards are another kind of visual aid that can help you memorize the words faster. When you practice English using flashcards, you will be able to read a word instantly and spell it correctly. Make sure to note down how to say each word on the card correctly so you will be able to use it as for your pronunciation practice.

4. Listen to the radio or watch TV in English. Listen to English songs, watch English programs like the news, TV shows, cartoons or even a movie. When you listen to English, even if you do not understand all that is being said, you will start to become familiar with the accent and how the words are pronounced. You can get to learn more new words and find out different expressions. When you hear English words often, you will be more comfortable when listening to English during actual conversation.

5. Learn slang words and expressions. There are many words that are used in English conversation that are slang, idioms, or expressions. You can find out more about these words by researching, using a slang dictionary, or studying about cultural norms and sayings. Try to practice by using these words when you have a conversation.

6. Play English word games. Playing word games is a fun way to build your vocabulary. Challenge your friends to a game to a game of Scrabble or Boggle so you can get to learn from them and practice your mind. Do a crossword puzzle or a word finder when you are alone to be able to even better your English skills with a game.

Building your English vocabulary is easy when you complete a variety of English vocabulary lessons and learn how different words can be used in different contexts. Take the time to work through English vocabulary training guides, build vocabulary lists and learn more English words easily with these essential tips.

Recent studies have concluded that people with a superior English vocabulary do superior at work and in school than those with inferior vocabularies. In these modern times, anyone can improve their vocabulary with the use of vocabulary software, which aids in expanding vocabulary as much as 100 times faster than traditional study methods.

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